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a new breed of software engaging you with your business data and functions via 3D, interactive cubes, called Widgets, that you can turn, flip, arrange and share on every desktop and mobile device, and even publish to your own Volute Marketplace​

Volute IS

[Patent Pending]

A Revolutionary Platform

Volute allows each user to create their own personal dashboards, share live Widget data, integrate systems and work offline - all from any desktop or mobile device.


A New Breed of Widgets

Widgets are a new web app technology that represent your data and functions. Turn, flip, share and integrate Widgets with each other, any system or service, from any location.


A Private Marketplace

Organize all your business functions in your own powerful Marketplace of Widgets. Assign roles and categorize Widgets within your Marketplace however you choose.


Volute IS Powerful

Volute empowers you, more than any other product on the market, to become an agile, composable business through new web and mobile technologies.

Amazing Features

Our patent-pending Widgets are smart, self-contained business functions that automatically rearrange themselves to fit any screen. They display properly on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, eliminating the need to build separate and costly native mobile apps.

Integrate any of your business systems, including BI, ERP, MES, CRM, or POS, to name a few, through built-in Widget API connections. Use Volute's unique "share technology" to send critical data from these systems to the right person at the right time for smarter, faster decision-making.

Each user chooses the Widgets they wish to see on their own fully customizable dashboards, called Workplaces. Workplaces are a user's space to add, remove, and arrange Widgets as they see fit in views that enhance their personal productivity style.

Organize your Widgets in a simple, searchable Marketplace categorized to your specifications. Employees, partners, vendors and customers can find every Widget they need in a centralized Marketplace, rather than requiring access to multiple disparate systems.

The Volute Platform’s built-in features and standardized Widget design and integration methods allow the development of unique, custom Widgets, while still maintaining consistency to reduce cost and time-to-YOUR-market by 1/2.​

wPaaS™: The Way Software Should Be

Volute IS wPaaS

Volute's powerful features embody wPaaS (Widget Platform as a Service), a revolutionary concept standardizing how your information is represented through integration and cutting-edge technologies.

Increase Reach Through Mobility

Free yourself from the limitations of specific devices, brands and operating systems and maximize productivity between departments, buildings, and geographic locations. With desktop and mobile compatible, self-contained Widgets, you can reach a larger network of users.

Access a Network of Collaborating Functions

Imagine your systems working together as a single intelligent network of collaborating functions, revolutionizing communication across your enterprise. Send and receive data from any system, anywhere in the world.

Customize Your Productivity Style

Focus on the tasks that matter most by choosing what you see in your Workplace. Cut unnecessary information and avoid sensory overload to work smarter and make better, faster decisions.

Benefit from a Standard

wPaaS is the standard for how your information is delivered. Users and organizations connect with one another in entirely new ways, increasing business opportunities and reducing cost and time-to-market. Collaboration is now possible between everyone using any combination of systems.

Innovate via Your Marketplace

wPaaS ensures only the best ideas win. Through community development and crowdsourcing methodologies, fresh ideas and competition are encouraged to produce the best Widgets for your Marketplace. Use these Widgets to innovate new processes and ideas.

Volute IS a New Process

It has never been easier to get custom enterprise software tailored exactly for you and your business.


Order powerful, custom Widgets by simply filling out our interactive, online Widget order form.


Our certified Volute designers and engineers turn your specifications into live, 3D interactive Widgets.


After rigorous testing, your custom Widgets are published to your own private Marketplace.

Using Volute's built-in rapid prototyping tool, you can group, categorize and assign your Widgets however you like, whenever you choose. Don't forget that your Volute solution is automatically optimized for mobile - every desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Enjoy!

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