Volute is a revolutionary device and OS agnostic web app marketplace
customized for your organization, employees, vendors and customers.

New Breed of Web Apps

Transition between desktop, tablet and smartphone with our new PaaS Widget technology. Achieve real OS and device independence for BYOD. Eliminate the need to build multiple native apps for many devices reducing time-to-market and costs. Integrate systems, cloud services and other Widgets for a unique, powerful network of collaborating SaaS functions.

  •  Resize automatically for desktops & mobile devices
  •  Interactive, real-time data share using websockets
  •  Standardized full custom action menus
  •  Built-in documentation for self-training Widgets
  •  Native mode for full screen on mobile devices
  •  Integration API for services and other Widgets

Your Private Marketplace

Administer your entire organization from your centralized, private Volute Marketplace. Employees, partners and vendors find every Widget they need from your Marketplace on any desktop and mobile device from anywhere. The Volute Marketplace is your SaaS cloud solution for all your company Widgets accessed securely and simply.

  •  Assign access roles and Widgets on-the-fly
  •  Categorize Widgets however you choose
  •  Create your own Widget groups
  •  Publish Widgets to your private or public marketplace
  •  Access your marketplace on mobile or desktop
  •  Rapid Prototype for fast application assembly

Fluid Dashboards

Choose Widgets from your Volute marketplace and arrange them on your own customizable, fluid dashboards. Engage with Widgets specific to your tasks, share real-time data and create unique dashboards for each of your devices. Volute dashboards are your custom spaces to add, remove and arrange Widgets enhancing your personal work style.

  •  Create & control any number of dashboards
  •  Transition between desktop & mobile devices
  •  Choose your own themes
  •  Arrange Widgets in any position
  •  Hide and show Widgets on-the-fly
  •  Navigate quickly to any dashboard

Increase Productivity. Collaboration. Engagement. Profits.

Customize to Your Business

1. Order

Order powerful, customized Widgets using our simple, interactive, online Volute request form.

2. Build

Our Volute designers and engineers build the best Widgets for your unique business.

3. Publish

After rigorous testing, your Widgets are published to your private Marketplace.

Innovation via Collaboration

Volute is not just a product; we are company of people based entirely in the U.S. Through community development and new crowdsourcing methodologies, fresh ideas and competition are encouraged to produce the best Widgets for your organization. We work with you every step of the way to ensure the right functionality is being developed and proper design, security and implementation semantics are managed.


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Volute's mission is to standardize a global network of collaborating Widgets that improves human capacity and quality of life.

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