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True enterprise mobility means using any smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop, anywhere in the world with secure cloud access to all your business applications. Volute is a team of mobility designers and engineers who implement custom, enterprise apps for your business, using our unique web app marketplace platform.

We are your alternative to siloed, costly native apps.

Before Volute
With Volute
We implement a composable mobility solution including ...

Custom Web Apps

[ like nothing you've seen ]

  • Your apps integrate to create new insights & workflows never before possible
  • Your apps are shareable allowing you to send live data to anyone, on any device, anywhere
  • Your apps are built with a native UI mode for a true app experience, and also have a desktop mode for big screen productivity

A Private Marketplace

[ centralize all your apps ]

  • Administer your entire organization from a responsive, single sign-on marketplace
  • We make your marketplace easily searchable by creating categories familiar to your users
  • Assign unique access roles to your custom apps and even specific functions within those apps

Fluid Dashboards

[ create your own views ]

  • Your dashboards allow you to drag and drop your apps however you want, allowing you to work faster and smarter
  • Show and hide your apps with a simple click or touch to focus on what matters in the moment
  • Create and control your own dashboards for each device, day, role, project and more

Learn how we implement a unique mobility solution that compares with native and hybrid apps in areas like speed, user experience and security.

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Volute is a different kind of custom software company.

Volute is a team of technologists and business professionals who recognized a gap in the mobility market. We define mobility not as an app on a smartphone, but as people collaborating with the technology they need to be productive everywhere from any smartphone, laptop, tablet and desktop.

We have developed a unique web app marketplace platform that we customize and implement for your enterprise mobility needs. Our platform is cloud-based using web services to integrate with existing systems and new services. The platform is built on open standards using the latest web technology. We build custom web apps using a specification designed to plug into the marketplace platform giving you an app experience like never before, on any desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Our platform also saves you time and money since it is a single development and deployment process across any OS, screen-size and device brand.
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